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Enterprise Scale Issues Tracking system with Timesheet


Enterprise Scale Issues Tracking

iTech Labs has developed a very reliable enterprise scale Issues Tracking system. The system registers all jobs, assigns resources, tracks issues/incidents, logs time by resources and monitors progress of jobs. This system also forms an integral part of our internal core business processes and it has been in use for over 2 years. This system has also helped us to keep track of new customer enquiries and hence increase overall sales.

The issues tracking system is capable of storing pictures and producing a variety of reports and graphs. This system also reports the actual time spent on each job and module, which allows us to quote accurately on subsequent jobs.

What does the application do?

Jobs are registered in the system and Resources and Project Manager are assigned. Each job is broken down to the module level. Issues, Incidents etc. are entered against the Job/Module/Resource. Each Issue/Incident has multiple priorities and multiple statuses. The statuses include Open, Waiting, Closed, Fixed etc. The multiple priorities and statuses allow easy sorting and processing of Issues/Incidents. Each action taken to resolve the Issue/Incident is recorded so that the system maintains a full history.

The Issues tracking systems also includes a Time tracking module. Resources enter their hours for each module on a daily basis. This allows accurate reports showing time spent on Jobs down to the Module and/or Resource level. It also shows graphical comparisons between estimated and actual hours for each module.

Resources can check their Daily, weekly and monthly hours in a grid like structure.

A variety of reports and graphs are also available.

Main Features

  • Enterprise scale application allows scalability
  • Able to handle large number of users and large amount of data
  • Pluggable database allows switching to larger databases by configuration change only
  • Internet enabled (can be used on LAN or Internet)
  • Tracks Issues/Defects/Incidents/Suggestions
  • Tracks Customer Enquiries
  • Track progress of jobs against estimated times
  • Graphs show estimated vs actual hours for Jobs and modules
  • Ability to add pictures to each entry
  • Variety of reports and graphs

Technologies used for the application

  • Java, Struts, Hibernate Technologies
  • Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Pluggable databases (Postgress, MySQL, Oracle etc.)
  • Java web start allows automatic update of client application

Warranty, Support

All our products have a one year warranty. After one year we can negotiate an annual contract or the customer can choose to pay for each support activity.

Historically our applications required minimal maintenance or support.

There is no license or other ongoing fees or charges.

More information please e-mail: or contact us through the ‘Contact us’ page.

Issues listing screen

Issues tracking details screen

Sales enquiry tracking details screen