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Hosted Application

hosted application

Hosted applications implement Software As A Service (SAAS) model whereby customers pay a monthly fee for using the application. For Custom Database Applications developed and hosted by us, we provide a pricing structure that involves a small upfront cost plus monthly fees. The application will be hosted and maintained by us and customers need not worry about ongoing support and maintenance issues. Hosted applications are more suitable for small to medium scale enterprises that do not have the required IT infrastructure or staff.

Advantages of hosted Custom Database Applications

  • No need to pay full development cost upfront
  • No need to maintain IT infrastructure
  • No need to have IT support staff
  • Flexible pricing available based on customers usage requirements
  • Customers can conduct a trial run before deciding to purchase the service
  • Access from anywhere through the Internet
  • Minimal Risk, no long term commitment
  • All maintenance and upgrade patches are applied by us without affecting the customer
  • Allows us to monitor the performance of the applications
  • All data is securely backed up daily, encrypted and kept in 2 physically separate locations
  • Fixes to any problems are applied quickly
  • Each customer will have their own secure database

All our hosted applications are Internet based and/or web based applications. Our hosted applications use advanced technologies, sophisticated database technology and high-end servers. All applications have the flexibility of plug-in databases, which means it is possible to change to a higher end database by configuration changes, without the need to re-code the application.

How do I get a hosted Custom Database Applications that meets my requirements?

Please provide your contact details through the ‘Contact us’ page. One of our representatives will discuss your specific requirements and offer a price structure. If you are happy with the price, we prepare a formal proposal and specifications for the custom database application. We develop the application and host it on our server and give you access. You start using it as per the agreement.