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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions...

This page may answer some of your questions.  For further information please e-mail us.

How does your unique development model offer the highest quality and lowest possible cost?

We divide the development effort in to two parts – higher value added services and labour intensive coding work. The value added services such as working with customers to develop the specifications, conducting independent acceptance testing and on-going support are provided from Australia. The labour intensive coding work is done at our offshore development centre strictly in accordance with the specifications in a quality controlled environment. Thus we provide a high quality application as per customer specifications, but at the lowest possible cost.

Do you host applications for your clients? Is it necessary to pay all costs upfront?

We do host our applications for customers. This means that customers may choose not to pay the full cost at the time of the development; instead pay a small upfront fee and monthly fees.

What are annual maintenance and support costs?

For hosted applications, maintenance and support costs are included in the monthly payment. For other applications we provide one year full warranty and support free of cost. For the applications we have developed for clients so far, maintenance and support costs were minimal, almost zero. If maintenance or support is required after the first year, we can provide this on a case by case basis (we will provide the quote first) or we can enter in to an annual maintenance agreement.

Do you charge for licensing on a per user basis?

If the customer fully pays for the application, there is no limit on the number of users. For hosted applications, the monthly charges depend on the number of users, but it is very reasonable.

What technologies do you use for development of Custom Database Applications?

We use Java or Microsoft technologies as required by the customer. Most systems are currently developed using Java technologies. Languages used are: Java, C, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, PHP. Our applications have the flexibility of plug in databases such as ORACLE, POSTGRESQL, MS SQL. All applications work through the Internet or on the LAN. Virtualisation is possible so that same application can be used by multiple companies/departments.

Details of Technologies

Languages Databases Middleware Tools/Technologies
VB Script
VC++, VB
Crystal Reports
BEA Weblogic
IBM Websphere

What is independent testing and certification?

We have independently tested and certified a wide range of third party systems for government regulators. Independent testing means that testing is done by a completely independent group, not by any members of the development team. This ensures that the system is developed according specifications and customer requirements and not compromised in any way.

I haven't been a customer of yours before.  How do I get started?

We have a very simple method of starting a business relationship with you. We discuss with you your business requirements and document them. We provide you a fixed price proposal based on your business requirements. If you accept our proposal, we develop the full specifications and start the development work. Payment is based on milestones. At the end of the development we conduct independent acceptance testing according to agreed specifications. After successful completion of acceptance testing we deliver the system to you.

When you accept the proposal, we ask you to make a deposit payment as per the payment schedule in the proposal. This establishes the fact that we are working together on the project with an agreed scope and a fixed price. Further invoices are based on agreed milestones. Our prices are fair and we love to increase our client list. Please contact us to see how we can help your business.