iTech Labs Custom Database Software

Custom Database Business Applications


iTech Labs has developed enterprise scale database applications for many customers. These applications are scalable and can be used on the Internet by large number of users. Some examples are given below:

Custom Database Business Applications
  • Job/Resource planning*
  • Issues Tracking*
  • Sales Enquiries Tracking*
  • Employee Trainings Management*
  • Information database
  • Inventory
  • Job estimating
  • Job Forecasting*
  • Job Tracking*
  • Pictures and Videos management
  • Practice management
  • Project Management*
  • Real Estate

* These modules have been developed as part of fully developed and working applications. Each of these modules can be customised to suit your requirements.

Main Features of our Custom database Software

  • Enterprise scale applications allow scalability
  • Able to handle large number of users and large amount of data
  • Pluggable database allows switching to larger databases by configuration change only
  • Internet enabled (can be used on LAN or Internet)
  • High speed, reliable and resilient applications
  • Low maintenance and support required due to reliable application and user friendly implementation
  • Variety of reports and graphs

Technologies used for the application

  • Java, Struts, Hibernate Technologies
  • Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Pluggable databases (Postgress, MySQL, Oracle etc.)

Warranty, Support

All our products have a one year warranty. After one year we can negotiate an annual contract or the customer can choose to pay for each support activity.

Historically our applications required minimal maintenance or support.

There is no license or other ongoing fees or charges.

More information please e-mail: or contact us through the ‘Contact us’ page.