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About iTech Labs

iTech Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025 quality certified company. iTech Labs has developed complex custom database business applications and provided independent software testing & certification services to a large number of customers since 2004. Our business applications are used by major companies in Australia. iTech Labs has been testing and certifying online gaming applications for customers worldwide for over 5 years. Our strong quality control system ensures the highest quality and reliability.

Custom Database Business Applications

Custom Database Business Applications

iTech Labs has developed complex enterprise scale custom database applications for many customers. We develop the specifications after detailed discussions with the client, our experienced developers write the code and the system goes through independent testing against the specifications. The customers get a quality controlled independently tested system. Most systems we have developed have incurred no support or maintenance costs even after many years of use. The systems we have developed are fast, scalable, reliable and resilient. So if you are looking for custom database solutions for your business needs, you have found the right company to provide this service.

Custom database applications are developed using our unique development model which ensures highest quality and lowest possible cost.

Enterprise Scale Issues Tracking

Enterprise Scale Issues Tracking System with Timesheet

iTech Labs has developed a very reliable enterprise scale Issues Tracking system. The system registers all jobs, assigns resources, tracks issues/incidents, logs time by resources and monitors progress of jobs. This system also forms an integral part of our internal core business processes and it has been in use for over 3 years. This system has also helped us to keep track of new customer enquiries and hence increase overall sales.

The issues tracking system is capable of storing pictures and producing a variety of reports and graphs. This system also reports the actual time spent on each module/job, which enables monitoring of actual hours against estimates for various tasks.

hosted application

Hosted Applications

In order to increase affordability, we offer a hosting service and monthly payment option for the custom database applications. Hosted applications provide customers an alternate option of not having to pay the full cost upfront and avoid all issues related IT infrastructure and IT staff. We host the applications on our servers for an upfront cost plus monthly fees. The application will be maintained by us and customers need not worry about ongoing support and maintenance issues. Hosted applications are more suitable for small to medium scale enterprises that do not have the required IT infrastructure or staff.

Independent Software Testing

Independent software testing and certification

iTech Labs is an accredited test lab for all important European and Australian online gaming jurisdictions. We have independently tested and certified a large number of complex online applications for government regulators since 2004. iTech Labs logo is shown on several hundreds web sites indicating the certified systems and these logos hot link to the original certificates on our web site.

We use our expertise in testing, for all the custom database applications we develop. This ensures that the customer gets a quality controlled system according to specifications and customer requirements..

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